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Thursday Finds (Interview, Butlers, Psych)

published3 months ago
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Hi friends,

Greetings from Bali!

I have recently left my software engineering job to travel the world. I will be spending time in Bali, Lisbon, and 10 other locations. In my last day of preparation, I felt tense like Prince Andrei the night before the Battle of Austerlitz. I also felt relaxed like Franklin Roosevelt before a visit to Warm Springs, Georgia—where he recovers from illness.

Here's what I want to share this week:

  1. An Interview with Leo Ariel: In this fictitious interview, I explain my thought process behind leaving my job. For fun, I wrote it as an imaginary script — I pretended to be a guest on a show.
  2. The Remains of the Day: Kazuo Ishiguro's book explores the story of Mr. Stevens, an English butler at Darlington Hall, who is devoted to his craft. Quote: "Waiting a table requires the perfect balance between attentiveness and illusion of absence." I like his descriptions of dignity and professionalism.

Today's Finds

These 3 videos will teach you more about human psychology than 3 full-length college courses.

  1. Gorilla Experiment: In this iconic study, participants were told to count ball passes between players. But fixation on the ball makes them miss the big black gorilla in the middle. This experiment illustrates a general truth — What we focus on is what we see.
  2. Ten Meter Tower: This short documentary by the New York Times is one of my favorites. On the surface, participants jump off a 10 meter diving board. Underneath, it's a masterclass on fear. Watch closely. Spot the hesitancy and the self-talk, or the buckling of the knees. This video gives us the best glimpse behind this illusive yet pervasive emotion.
  3. You Dance, I Dance: One person starts dancing and everybody else follows. Social acceptance is a powerful drug. Watch how a crazy solo turns into a fun group activity.

Have a creative week,